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Please Note that the following Trading Terms apply in respect of electronic trading under the terms of business agreement with your company.

  • If the Broker trades with the Company electronically via the Tradex Broker Website the following terms apply to any such business.
  • The Broker will ensure that access to the website and data relating to the business underwritten via the website is restricted to individuals in the employment of the Broker and need to have this access as part of their employment.
  • The Broker will indemnify the Company for any loss sustained by the Company resulting from any unauthorised access to, use of, additions or alterations to any data, and/or any failure to keep data up to date, unless such use is beyond the control of the Broker.
  • The Broker will make sure that any and/or all passwords to the Tradex Broker Website are kept secure and that in the event of staff in possession of passwords leaving the employment of the Broker, the Broker will immediately advise the Company and change the passwords.